作为一个物流万博manxbetx用户登录提供商, we are not surprisingly behind the scenes when it comes to e-commerce. 然而, 我们有一个独特的视角:一个源于实现的视角, 航运, 网上订单的管理. E-commerce is the newer and exciting realm of commerce that does not require a storefront, 尽管它有自己独特的挑战. In fact, e-commerce is even more competitive than regular retail for a multitude of reasons. 丰富多样的竞争, 品牌忠诚的追随者, 资源分配, 搜索引擎优化, 客户满意度, 市场营销, 当然, order fulfillment are all aspects of e-commerce that can hurt online businesses, 特别是那些刚刚打开“门”的人. 那么如何克服这些商业障碍呢? 在万博manxbet, we have curated a simple list of 8 things that all e-commerce small business owners and those thinking of starting one, should know and understand to both improve their business processes prior to jumping in and increase their chances of success.

1. 为好的、坏的和丑陋的事物制定战略
Having a concrete yet flexible strategy is vitally important in business, whether online or not. Knowing how you will obtain your products by either drop-航运 or ordering in bulk and storing, 拍摄你的产品, 撰写产品描述和产品说明, 你将如何完成订单, 有一些事情你需要考虑吗. Be sure to read up on business management, accounting, and supply chain tactics. Have an exit strategy, and know how you will approach disgruntled employees and customers. 就像婚姻一样, it is important to be confident that you have the strategy and passion to pull through the highs and lows of life and business.
2. 域和设计
选择您的域名地址是至关重要的. 在一个尴尬的, 进攻, or non-memorable web address could easily kill your business before it even starts. Dedicate enough time choosing it, and solicit feedback from associates you trust. 一旦你选择了你所爱的人, 尽量不要改变它, 但至少, set up a redirect if you do change it so it doesn’t hurt your user experience or turn away past customers who may think you have gone out of business.
Design is a wide-open opportunity to really let your business shine. Invest in a great looking and extremely well functioning website design. 电子商务是一个竞争非常激烈的领域, it is much easier to find the product somewhere else than having to struggle through a poorly designed site. Site and customer information security is also a vital aspect of the design of your website. 只是说, 人们不会从不安全的网站上购买, nor do you want to have to spend time trying to mitigate the backlash if your website is breached and customer information is stolen.
3. 社会的透明度
社交媒体是与客户互动的绝佳方式, 建立信任, 用很少的钱或不花钱来推销产品和促销活动. 然而,这确实需要承诺,而且是很大的承诺! Know where your customers frequent and build your business’s presence on those platforms. Pinterest and 脸谱网 are some of the best places for e-commerce retailers because these sites allow for more play in visual aesthetics than Google Plus and 推特.
4. 目标客户
We have rarely seen a successful business prosper by being unaware of whom they are selling to. Build a profile of the exact customer that you want to buy your products. Be specific because doing this will allow all 市场营销 strategies to be aligned with sales and increase the opportunity for success. Understand the different characteristics of customers that could potentially visit your site. 从妈妈, 青少年, 致其他企业主, 知道谁在浏览你的网站, 购买它, 并致力于增加这些数字.
5. 现实地对待你的资源
We all wish money grew from trees and that bills never came in the mail. Know exactly the amount of money coming in and where it is going. Too often business owners are unaware or in denial of how much they are in debt until they are closing up shop. Understand your limitations, grow with patience, and always have your eyes on the financials.
对你的万博manxbetx用户登录和产品资源要实事求是. If a supplier is unresponsive or repeatedly missing deadlines, ditch them. Dealing with a poor service provider is never worth the damage to your business. Always seek the best employees, services, and be proactive when things go array.
6. 管理库存和完成订单
As a logistics provider, we know the importance of your e-commerce business. 经常, order fulfillment and the managing of inventory can be afterthoughts when it comes to running your business. 为什么? 它们不是你的核心功能. 然而, from our point of view, it should always be at the forefront of someone’s, if not your mind. 错过最后期限, 发送损坏或错误的产品, and delayed 航运 are all hurtful to your bottom line and customer base. Do your research and speak with a competent logistics service provider. Most are always willing to help solve a logistics problem and improve your supply chain, 从而提高您的客户满意度.

不管电子商务的竞争水平高低, it is a great opportunity to become a business owner at a significantly lower risk compared to opening a brick and mortar store. Whether you are considering taking the e-commerce plunge or are already knee-deep, 走出去,把你的策略付诸实践!